Shoe care

A pair of artisan shoes created with such love and passion need to be cared for. So maintaining the condition and appearance of your shoes is important in maximising their wear and durability.

The art to shoe shining

- Wipe your shoes down with a cotton cloth or brush to remove all dust and any surface dirt. Also any dried up old polish sitting on the surface will be removed.

- A small amount of leather conditioner should now be applied with a cotton cloth evenly all over the shoes. This will add the vital nutrients to the leather as well as soften the leather and prepare the leather to absorb the polish.

- Allow 10-20 minutes for the shoes to dry. This time is necessary so that the leather does not get over soaked and allows the products to truly set into the leather.

- Colour rejuvenation is done over two steps: first, a cream based polish (not a wax) is used to bring back the colour. Apply it with a welt brush thinly and evenly around the whole shoe. Allow 10-20 minutes for the cream to absorb.

- Finally, apply a high end bees wax with a cotton cloth to achieve your desired shine. Apply evenly using a round circular motion with enough pressure to get into the pores of the skin.

Wear and tear

Shoe care is not just about polishing:

- Always use a shoehorn. Forcing shoes onto your feet will stretch the leather and damage the heel counter, subsequently shortening the life of your shoes.

- Leather soles and heel stacks with wear will wear out. An artisan cobbler can resole your shoes with either a topy (synthetic) or a leather sole. Heel stacks can also be rebuilt. However, do not let your shoes reach a stage where the structure and linings are beyond repair.

- Alternate wearing your shoes. You should have at least have three pairs of shoes in your closet that you rotate wearing. Never wear your shoes more than two days consecutively, allowing the moisture in your shoes to dry out naturally.

- Use wooden shoe trees. Their purpose is to help regain the shape and absorb moisture after wear. Their use will significantly improve the appearance and longevity of your shoes.